Fani Rachmita

Sr. Communications & Partnership Manager

Fani Rachmita graduated from The London School of Public Relations Jakarta with a degree in Mass Communications. She has 9 years of experience as a content writer, event organizer, marketing strategist, social media specialist, and PR officer. Before joining ITDP in 2016, she developed her expertise by managing, writing, and editing content in various lifestyle magazines in Jakarta for both press and online channels.

At ITDP, Fani is in charge of handling all communication aspects for the organization’s field office (social media, weekly report, press, communication consultancy, marketing, events, etc.). She also leads the development of institutional relationships and communications with different stakeholders such as city agencies, governments and municipalities, and transit operators such as BRT Transjakarta. Besides institutional affairs, Fani designs educational campaigns related to accessibility, transportation, and urban affairs, applying communication, design, and data to change behavior in urban mobility dedicated to mass transit users, drivers, and/or pedestrians. Fani loves spending her spare time enjoying black coffee (with no sugar, please), watching TV, and looking for new gastronomic places or simply enjoying delicious food.


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