Annisa Dyah Lazuardini

Urban and Visual Design Associate

Annisa is a multidisciplinary designer in the range of spatial and visual design. With an educational background in Architecture from Universitas Indonesia, Annisa formerly worked as an exhibition and visual designer before continuing her studies at Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London. She took an MA in Narrative Environments, a collaboration-driven course focusing on applying narrative methods to design an environment — ranging from the exhibition, city branding, design foresight, and community co-design. Prior to joining the team in early 2019, she has been actively involved in community co-design projects and research related to urban informal settlements. In ITDP, Annisa is responsible for visual and design projects of public transport and non-motorized transport system, transport demand management, and TOD. As a daily public transportation user, her main interests are exploring how design can improve urban mobility experience for vulnerable users and designing an experience for public engagement in city planning and design process.


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